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Anti mite repellent powder. Safe for direct use onto animals and into their bedding.

We have selected completely natural ingredients for our parasite repellent product, Blast Off Anti-Mite. These natural ingredients have been combined with a free-flowing powder to make dusting your animals extremely easy.

Unlike the talc used in most dusting powders, Blast Off Anti-Mite does not clog up in the pouring holes, nor will it irritate your animal. Blast Off Anti-Mite is totally safe for you and your animals. The product can be administered directly onto adults and babies and can also be used in bedding and cages.

If you are used to talc based products you will find Blast Off Anti-Mite is far heavier and it falls off very quickly. It is designed like that so that it does not remain on the animal's skin for long. Don’t worry though - it works very fast on the lice and mites!

Repels parasites off of small pets. Best used in conjunction with Birdy Finect.

DrS Blast-Off AntiMite application:
Sprinkle on affected areas as required. Repeat application at two week intervals to assist in inhibiting the egg-laying cycle. We recommend that the animals living area is treated with Birdy Finect spray to kill the mites that are repelled. For anima
Active ingredients:
Piperonal, Cedarwood Oil, Tea Tree Oil