EasyBird Show Supremo - Complete supplement for show birds

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Comprehensive on food supplementation to promote excellent health and show condition.  Produce fine birds capable of winning "best in show" with a simple, low cost change to your routine.

The Birdcare Company has over 18 years' experience in designing and producing some of the most effective products on the market. Quite simply, there is nothing out there that can beat our show products and we're going to share some secrets with you that the world's top breeders would rather you didn't know!

Put simply, birds require certain nutrients to remain fit and healthy and a little boost of others to excel. That's where we come in! We have spent many years working with the world's best, to develop our latest, fail-safe show product EasyBird Show Supremo.

Nutrition plays a huge role in feather condition simply because the protein used to make feathers is very different in amino acid composition from the protein in the rest of the body. In fact 70% of the sulphur containing amino acids in a bird are incorporated in its feathers.

Unfortunately it is these very nutrients that are in very short supply in all plant foods whether it be seeds, nuts, fruits or vegetables. Supplementing with correctly selected amino acids does have a dramatic effect on both the quality of feathers produced and the speed with which they are replaced. These amino acids are incorporated into some of the better on-food vitamin supplements on the market.

They are not incorporated into soluble supplements (at least not in adequate quantities) because they can smell very unpleasant in tap water. So in general moulting supplements should be fed in an eggfood or added to moist fruit and vegetables. This can create a problem for owners of birds that are reluctant to take these foods.

With the simple addition of EasyBird Show Supremo into your birds diet, you can be confident that they are receiving the very best nutrition.

EasyBird Show Supremo provides:

  • Chelated calcium, vitamins and minerals to boost general health
  • Amino acids for excellent feather condition
  • Protein for growth, strength and energy
  • A powdered probiotic for improved digestive function
EasyBird Show Supremo application:
Feed EasyBird Show Supremo 5 or 6 days a week. Add 50 grams of EasyBird Show Supremo to each kilogram of soft food (Feast). Or add 1.5 grams (2/3rds level teaspoon) to a day's food for each kg of bird weight.
Active ingredients:
Hi value protein (15%), Essential oils, Vit A (170,000ius), D (17,000 ius), E (500 mgs), C, B1, B2, B6, B12, K, Biotin, Choline, Folic acid, Niacin and Pantothenic acid.
Active ingredients continued:
Minerals include Calcium, Cobalt, Copper, Iodine, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Selenium, Sodium, Sulphur and Zinc. Selected health supporting herbs. Amino acids.