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A powerful disinfectant, DEFRA approved!

Can be used safely for a broad range of cleaning requirements.  Avisafe is designed to protect you and your animals by killing yeasts, fungi, viruses and bacteria both in and around their enclosure.  Avisafe is idea for cleaning kennels, litter trays, cages, hutches, messed kitchen floors and whelping boxes in fact, you can even use it for general cleaning around the house!  This is the stuff vets use to keep their surgeries germ free and it even smells nice.

Avisafe - key features:

  • A liquid disinfectant available in a concentrate or ready to use version
  • Kills yeasts, fungi, viruses and bacteria. Effective against Avian Flu when used at a strength of 1 part Avisafe to 10 parts water
  • Safe, non-corrosive and easy to use
  • No toxic fumes or strong smells given off
  • Can be used safely in the presence of animals so long as there are no puddles of disinfectant left
  • Stable, long shelf life
  • Inexpensive

Avisafe is DEFRA approved against three orders:

  • Influenza of Avian Origin in Mammals order
  • Diseases of poultry order
  • Avian Influenza

Top tip!

Viruses can be carried on your shoes and clothes, why not soak a mat in Avisafe to disinfect the soles of your footwear.
For mats that can be soaked with Avisafe, please contact www.buymats.co.uk

DrS Avisafe application:
1:100 Cages, food bowls, water containers and toys. 1:50 Wooden hutches and heavily soiled areas. Spray or wipe on and leave for at least five minutes. For 1:100 dilute 5mls (one teaspoon) of Avisafe concentrate in 500mls (one pint) of water.
Active ingredients:
Halogenated Tertiary Amines