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Liquid mite treatment. Unique natural formula.  Keep your pet's cage and bedding free from mites!

Birdy Finect mite spray for birds contains safe, silicon dioxide ingredients which dehydrate the parasites by shredding away their protective armour but much more importantly, it breaks the life cycle with a totally safe, long-lasting effect.

Lice and mite eggs are not killed by traditional, safe insecticides. Although the adults are killed at the time, the eggs left behind will go on and hatch later. The offspring will eventually reach maturity and then breed themselves. Birdy Finect has a unique natural formula that works by not only killing the mites but also drying out the mite eggs to prevent further infestations.

If you have an infestation, then use it once a week for 3 weeks.  As a precaution we recommend to use it just once a month.  Don't forget though that if you disinfect or wash the cage, then you will need to re-apply.

DrS Birdy Finect application:
Spray your animals and cages/enclosures once every three weeks to ensure they stay free of mite. For heavy infestations we recommend that you spray weekly for a period of three weeks.
Active ingredients:
Based on silicon dioxide.