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Herbal supplement to support the immune systems ability to fight diseases.  Herbal extracts with added vitamin C.

Did you know that herbs are the original antibiotic? In fact many of today's medicines are still based on herbal extracts and properties.

Flourish is a herbal supplement designed to support the immune system and help fight off diseases naturally. Herbal extracts and minerals are combined with added vitamin C to provide one, powerful 1st defence.

The immune system is nature's natural defence against infection and allergies. It is very successful at identifying invaders into the body, typically viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and allergens but other undesirable invaders as well, and having identified their presence, it marshals the body's resources to attack them. White blood cells play an important role in this, effectively 'gobbling up' the invaders to render them inactive and in the process reducing the number of germs in the body.

Interestingly and importantly, the immune system has no need to diagnose in the same way as a doctor or veterinarian might. This means it does not have to carry out tests while the patient waits for the results and becomes more ill. It simply recognises there is an invader and deals with it. This is in contrast to a veterinarian who in the case of bacteria needs to know what the particular bacteria is, and possibly the strain as well, in order to prescribe the appropriate antibiotic. It also means the immune system is very effective at dealing with viruses, whereas viruses cannot be readily dealt with by doctors and veterinarians unless there is a licensed vaccination available.

The immune system can become somewhat worn down and tired if it is overworked or effectively undernourished. It thrives on the availability of certain nutrients and works best when it is challenged on a fairly routine basis. So keep your bird's immune system ready to pounce.

Key Features: Flourish can be used to support the bird's natural defences during good times and during times of illness. 

DrS Flourish application:
Sprinkle over slightly moistened food. Give one level teaspoon per day for 5kg bodyweight of animal.
Active ingredients:
Vitamin C 1800mg, Herbal extracts Minerals include: Selenium, Colbalt, Manganese, Zinc, Sulphur, Sodium and Iodine.