Happier, healthier pet birds!


Most owners of pet birds want nothing less than the best health and happiness for their feathered friends. Most people understand the importance of nutrition in achieving that goal.

Unfortunately many people are sure they are doing the very best for their birds when actually it could be done much better. It is worth noting that your birds will be more energetic, playful and less prone to infections and slow moults if their diet provides the correct levels of vitamins, minerals, chelated calcium, proteins and amino acids.

So how do I give these nutrients to my bird?


Banquet Gold Label is a seed and biscuit based diet with a variety of nuts and dried fruits added according to the different species’ mixes. For parakeets, budgies and other smaller hookedbills and finches and canaries we use a different seed blend.

These products are completely supplemented foods. They contain our “Essentials” vitamins, highly bio-available “Rapisorb” minerals, limiting amino acids (for stress free moults and weight control), and our “Flourish” herbs for immune and digestive support. The protein-to-energy ratio has been balanced to avoid birds getting overweight.

Banquet is a real alternative to pellets for someone who wants a balanced complete food without having to add supplements. Birds love it and they will be fit and healthy eating it. Because it contains a variety of nutritious foods, your bird is able to balance its protein and energy requirements from the selection.

Banquet Gold Label is a complete food. It should make up at least 75% of the birds diet and the bird must be eating a broad range of its ingredients not just picking out its favourite bits.

While Banquet Gold Label is the core of the diet we encourage you to feed a variety of other foods, fruits, vegetables and some human foods as treats. Avoid dairy products, chocolate, avocado and salty processed foods.

With all Banquet products we advise occasional supplementation with Calcivet.


What about those fussy eaters?

Unfortunately there are a few birds that will simply only eat one thing. Often this is sunflower seeds. In time these birds will suffer a huge range of nutritional problems. The most difficult challenge is to improve the protein-to-energy ratio of the diet. This is important for feather formation, quick moults and weight control.

Only The Birdcare Company has tackled this problem by developing Fussy Feeder Essentials. This is one of the rare times we suggest you supplement through the drinking water.

Fussy Feeder Essentials should be added to the drinking water daily. Because the germs in the water will benefit from this nutritious supplement we insist you also add Aviclens. Calcivet is added to this drinking water twice a week.

This supplementation turns junk food into a highly nutritious diet. Interestingly this system also tends to encourage most birds to be more adventurous with their food.

Or for a more complete diet why not try our new Fussy Eater Banquet.  Banquet is fully supplemented with the very cleanest seed and Feast.  With all Banquet products we advise occasional supplementation with Calcivet.