Concerned that your bird might be sick?  Fed up with expensive vet bills? Read our guide to aid with recovery...

The immune system consists of a very complex set of defences that the body uses to fight infections. A whole range of vitamins and minerals are involved in its effective functioning but modern nutritional ingredients enable us to provide even better support.


Unique white cell support system
The Birdcare Company's research and development work has focused heavily on the white blood cells. These are the immune system’s “Rapid Reaction Force”. When invaded by an infectious germ like a virus or bacteria the immune system makes huge quantities of white blood cells that rapidly spread through the blood system and kill the invaders.

Any of you who have worked in a factory will know that, when there is a sudden large demand for a particular product, you inevitably can’t make it because you are short of stock or at least on raw materials. This can and does occur in the body as well, and it limits its ability to produce those extra white blood cells.

In addition, white blood cells use large quantities of fats to power themselves as they go about attacking invaders. Fats are burned in the cells’ “boiler houses” (called mitochondria) and a special vitamin-like substance is used to get the fats into the mitochondria. Again this material can be rapidly depleted in the face of a hostile enemy.

So, by adding the special nutrients most in demand for rapid white blood cell production and by adding the special vitamin-like substance, the immune system can work at full power.

How to provide these key nutrients
Most sick birds tend to fluff their feathers and often sleep with their head turned over their shoulder.  These symptoms can be caused by hundreds of different illnesses so it isn’t much help for diagnosis but it is usually the first sign of illness.  Our usual recommendation is to separate the sick birds if possible and put them into a warm environment.  The quicker that you give such birds Guardian Angel the better.

Guardian Angel provides energy (fluffing feathers is an effort to maintain body warmth), helps maintain the birds water balance, provides support for the digestive system and gives the immune system a boost.  In our opinion this approach is far more likely to work than giving broad spectrum antibiotics.  This is the perfect product to have stored in your birds emergency first aid cupboard.


Guardian Angel sick bird supplement -
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