Health and Nutrition in Cage & Aviary Birds - focusing on obesity and calcium mis-regulation

Obesity and calcium mis-regulation are the 2 common issues we see in cage & aviary birds.  What we aim to do here is explain how and why they happen, as well as help you to overcome these problems.  This was a presentation that Malcolm Green did at Think Parrot Show on 10th June 2018.


Bringing your birds into breeding condition

Before birds breed, the adults need to know that the food they are consuming is going to be good enough to raise chicks.  It is best to give that message gently for 2-3 months prior to your planned breeding date.  This video provides some useful tip on how to bring your birds into breeding condition.

Increasing the number of eggs which your birds produce

Female birds are prone to stress during the breeding season. Egg laying consumes great quantities of calcium and the egg contents need lots of protein, fats, vitamins and minerals. The nutritional quality of the egg is very important to the survival chances of the embryo.  This video explains how simple changes to your bird's diet can promote healthier egg laying.

Improving fertility rates in bird keeping

Nutritional factors are often the difference between a great breeding season and a disaster. At The Birdcare Company we believe that we have produced the most effective supplement system for breeding birds.  The below video outlines how to improve fertility and how our supplements system can help.

Sick bird supplement

How to use and when to use our most comprehensive sick bird supplement - Guardian Angel.