Why Use The Birdcare Company?

The Birdcare Company is the UK’s market leader in cage and aviary bird supplements with about three quarters of the serious bird breeder market. The company's success has been due to a combination of technical excellence and outstanding customer service. This has been recognised by their success in winning both of the marketing awards they have entered (The FSB award in 1997 and the Gloucester Citizen award in 2001).

The company’s philosophy is to get very close to bird keepers to understand their problems, then search the world for novel ingredients to solve those problem.  The company prides itself on developing comprehensive, easy to use products with great efficacy.  The Birdcare Company backs this technical excellence with a free advisory service that is available to retailers as well as consumers. This can be accessed by phone (0845 130 8600 – local call charge only), e-mail (advice@BirdcareCo.com) or through their very extensive and informative web site.

The company makes products designed to keep birds healthy (whether pet birds or breeding stock), products to help sick birds to recover and products to improve the performance of breeding stock. It is not unusual for breeders to double their production when incorporating the The Birdcare Company system into their birds’ diet.  Many of their products are used, recommended and sold by the UK’s leading avian vets.