Bird food and water hygiene - So important for the health of your birds

It seems strange to think that something so vital to life as water can actually be one of the major killers of our birds. The reason that water can be so dangerous is that it can be a perfect medium for germs to spread and infect previously healthy birds. You don’t want your birds to suffer.

Wherever your water comes from, town supply, well or a supermarket bottle, it is bound to contain a few germs. As soon as your birds put their beaks in it they contaminate it even further. Many birds bathe, deposit food or defecate in their water. This adds even more to the brew!

Adding natural supplements to this water makes matters even worse as they feed on the germs even more. The germs love it! Fortunately there is a simple and safe solution to this problem. Adding tiny amounts of Aviclens to your birds’ water prevents the germs from multiplying so keeping it totally safe and crystal clear.

A totally safe solution

Aviclens is destroyed immediately it gets in to the bird’s gut. So it does not do any damage to the beneficial bacteria that are vital for bird’s health. It doesn’t build up in the body either.


*Aviclens prevents germ growth in water contaminated with budgie droppings – left.
*Huge bug growth on sample without Aviclens - right.

Soaking seeds and pulses can also present a germ problem

Many germs (particularly yeasts on and under the husk) multiply rapidly as soon as they are soaked. This can lead to major infections in chicks and even adult bird deaths. Simply adding Aviclens to the water in which the seed is soaked ensures fresh smelling sprouted seeds every time.