Comprehensive range of poultry supplements. Do you want fitter and healthier birds that are more productive, better feathered and suffer fewer problems?

The Birdcare Company has produced a range of unique poultry supplements to help. In the serious cage bird sector we hold a staggering 85% share of the UK supplements market - simply because we have unique products that provide significant benefits for bird keepers. Our technology works really well on poultry too!

Our key products in the poultry supplement range is as follows:

All year round products

Poultry Essentials - vitamins, Rapisorb minerals, amino acids and immune support. Daily supplement for addition to pellets, cereal based feeds or kitchen scraps.

Poultry CalciBoost - Highly bioavailable calcium, magnesium and vitamin D3 supplement. Once or twice a week for non-layers, five times when laying. sprinkle over moist food e.g. layer pellets or kitchen scraps.

Breeder supplements

ProBoost SuperMax - High value protein, fertility enhancing vitamins and minerals, essential fatty acids and organic acids. Daily before and during breeding.

Potent Brew - Powerful liquid probiotic. The ultimate boost for health and fertility. Daily before and during breeding.

BioPlus - Powdered probiotic/prebiotic blend. Daily before and during breeding. Weekly for non-breeders.

Parasite control

Birdy Finect - Unique natural formula that works by not only killing the mite but also drying out the mite eggs to prevent further infestations.

Flourish - Natural herbal anti-coccidial with digestive and immune support functions.

Blast-off Anti mite - Insect repellent dusting powder. Apply to bird – all natural ingredients.

Harka-Verm - Levamisole wormer.

ACOX - Amprolium anticoccidial

Health support products

Guardian Angel - Vitamins, minerals, probiotics/prebiotics, white cell support, electrolytes and long lasting energy.

Wheeze-Eeze - herbal blend for a healthy respiratory system.

Colloidal Silver - anti-microbial drink or wash.

Potent Brew - Powerful liquid probiotic. Daily before and during breeding.

BioPlus - Probiotic/prebiotic blend. Daily before and during breeding. Weekly for non-breeders.

Hygiene products

Avisafe - disinfectant cleaner. Broad spectrum activity (kills yeasts fungi, viruses and bacteria), low allergy, long life when mixed. Used by many veterinary clinics.

Aviclens - water sanitiser to prevent germ growth in drinkers and on soaked seed.