Keeping your birds in tip-top condition

Recommended products for collections of birds to go onto food such as chopped fruit, soaked seed or eggfoods:

Daily Essentials3


On food multi-vitamins and minerals for cage and aviary birds. Add to eggfood or fruit. Contains 13 different vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Mixes easily into moist foods. For all year round use and suitable for young and older birds. Promotes good health, condition and can aid with feathering and moulting problems.


Calcivet Powder (CalciBoost Powder in the USA)


Calcium powder supplement for birds with added vitamin D3 for application onto soft food or fresh foods. This fine flowing powder allows for easier and more even distribution once applied onto moist food sources.

Ideal for breeding and growing birds. Promotes healthy egg production and has proven to be very effective as an emergency product for egg-bound hens. Calcium is involved in brain and nerve function and can improve behavioural problems such as feather plucking or chewing.


OR for a complete all in one solution...

EasyBird Rest, Moult & Show


A combination of a number of Birdcare products in one easy to use supplement.

Ideal for moulting, show birds or birds outside the breeding season. Combines the ingredients from Daily Essentials3 (vitamins & minerals), Calcivet Powder (calcium), BioPlus (probiotics) and a small amount of protein from ProBoost Supermax.


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