Quality eggfoods and complete diet solutions for your birds...

Our range of Feast Eggfoods are great for increasing the protein and vitamin/mineral content of the seed diet for better breeding results. They are also a really great food for adding other supplements to, as dry seed is not good for this role since most birds husk their seed meaning they would then not actually eat the supplements you might have thoughtfully added.

Feast Eggfoods can also be mixed in with chopped fruits and vegetables for parrot species.

Our Banquet range is a seed and biscuit based diet with a variety of nuts and dried fruits added according to the different species’ mixes. For parakeets, budgies and other smaller hookbills and finches and canaries we use a different seed blend.  These products are completely supplemented foods. They contain our “Essentials” vitamins, highly bio-available “Rapisorb” minerals, limiting amino acids (for stress free moults and weight control), and our “Flourish” herbs for immune and digestive support. The protein-to-energy ratio has been balanced to avoid birds getting overweight.

We also offer complete nectar food for Loris, Lorikeets and other brush tongue parrots as well as special formulated foods for birds with long term digestive problems.

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