Increase chick production rates using The Birdcare Company supplement system

The Birdcare Company has an enviable reputation in bird breeding. We regularly double the chick production of experienced and novice breeders alike. The system is based on Pigeon Essentials, Pigeon CalciBoost and Potent Brew (though the quantities and frequency of administration do change for breeding) plus the unique breeder supplement ProBoost SuperMax. As many birds breed and race simultaneously the breeder system has been designed to have no adverse effects on racing performance.

As winter turns into spring and summer wild birds experience improvements in their diet. This gives them the message that breeding will be successful. Our system mimics this effect by steadily increasing the amount of Pigeon Essentials steadily over a six week period. Starting with low levels, increasing amounts of ProBoost SuperMax should also be added. This will bring birds into breeding condition and improve fertility, chick growth and chick health. Again it is a very complex product that is really easy-to-use and pays for itself in increased production.

ProBoost SuperMax and Pigeon Essentials both contain ingredients that should help prevent young bird sickness. Extra breeder stimulation comes from giving Potent Brew daily. This product has been shown in independent trials to improve clutch sizes, fertility, hatchability and chick survival!

Pigeon CalciBoost also has an important role during the breeding season. Hens require calcium for egg production and babies for efficient bone, nerve and muscle development. Increase Pigeon CalciBoost supplementation to five days a week for laying hens and all birds feeding youngsters.

Pigeon Essentials also contains ingredients that are very important for chick development. This comprehensive product is working for you all year round!

Triumph! is not required for breeding birds unless they are also racing.