Better nutrition improves racing performance...


The racing pigeon system from The Birdcare Company is designed to give you these key benefits:

  • Better race performance
  • Higher race survival rates
  • Improved breeding results
  • Better young bird survival
  • Protection against coccidia and young bird sickness

Better racing

The Birdcare Company believes in designing very comprehensive products that are simple to use. However, for both technical and economy reason you don't need all nutrients every day. So the firm's racing system comprises four products – Pigeon Essentials, Triumph!, Calcivet (or Pigeon CalciBoost) and Potent Brew.

Pigeon Essentials is a very comprehensive supplement that should be added to slightly moistened corn. This exciting product is designed to look after all your birds' basic nutritional needs plus provide extra support for the digestive and immune systems. They are the foundation of your birds' health and performance. Pigeon Essentials contains a very comprehensive vitamin package with emphasis on the B group (energy vitamins) and the anti-oxidant vitamins (to help remove the toxic by-products of exertion). The comprehensive trace minerals are supplied using the firm's unique 'Rapisorb' technology. This maximises nutrient absorption from the gut into the bloodstream and is achieved using nutrients that more closely resemble those found in the natural diets of wild birds.

A pigeon's digestive system is easily unbalanced. Every time the bird exercises blood is diverted from the gut to supply the heart, lungs and muscles. Prolonged lack of nutrition to the gut leads to an upset in its chemistry, reducing its efficiency and leaving it prone to microbial imbalance. Pigeon Essentials contains the unique 'Flourish' herbal package specially selected to help maintain an attractive environment in the gut for beneficial bacteria. This is called a prebiotic effect. These herbs also have the benefit of providing extra protection against protozoans like coccidia and providing extra support for the immune system. So your birds are less likely to get ill following transport and racing/training and the inevitable exposure to a number of other birds. Key ingredients in Pigeon Essentials have been selected to enable the birds to experience a rapid and stress free moult. Experience also shows that the water resistance of feathers is improved so enabling birds to fly more easily in wet weather.

Birds that are not being very heavily exercised may lose a little weight on Pigeon Essentials. This is normal and the weight loss will be fat not muscle. These birds will in fact eat less food so save you money. Heavily exercised birds will not show this effect. You may also find that you can feed corn mixes with lower protein levels (fewer pulses). These mixes will also save you money. Pigeon Essentials contains many key nutrients and nutricines that are not water soluble. The Birdcare Company believes that many of these ingredients are crucial to the performance of supplements and so will not compromise on this. We don't believe it is possible to make 'in-water' supplements that are anything like as good as this. Pigeon Essentials should be added to slightly moistened corn. It is a good idea to have a spray bottle of water or cooking oil for this job.

Triumph! is the key racing component of the package. This product is designed to improve both racing performance and recovery so it is given to birds for 2-3 days prior to racing, immediately on their return and for 1-2 days afterwards. This revolutionary product prepares the birds for the stress of the race and helps to boost their energy reserves and stamina. Other ingredients help reduce the impact of water loss during flight. Extra digestive system support is provided by including probiotics and garlic extract which work together to maximise the gut function. A combination of the stress of racing and the exposure to many other birds (some of which will be carrying diseases) can make race recovery very difficult. Triumph! contains The Birdcare Company's unique 'white cell support system'. This is a combination of ingredients specially selected to enable the body to mount an efficient attack on invading germs using the immune system's 'Rapid Reaction Force'. This revolutionary approach has proved its worth in many sick and stressed bird situations since its launch in 2000. Triumph! can be added to the moistened corn, Pigeon Feast or added to drinking water.

Two other important products will also improve racing performance. Calcivet was the first chelated liquid calcium supplement introduced into the UK bird market. Many have attempted to copy it. Most copies are far weaker than this superb product and so do not offer the same performance or value for money. Others have boosted calcium levels with inorganic calcium. This does not provide the high level of bio-availability that Calcivet has become famous for. We now also offer a powdered calcium supplement specifically designed for pigeons sold under the name Pigeon CalciBoost.

Calcium is vital for efficient nerve and muscle function. So Calcivet, given for one day before racing and one day after, will ensure that your birds have plenty of this important mineral. Used like this it also exercises the bones in their important job of controlling blood calcium levels. As a race progresses and calcium is lost, healthy, fit bones will replace these losses so maintaining maximum performance. This product can be added to the moistened corn or to drinking water.

Potent Brew is a revolutionary liquid probiotic. Its beneficial bacteria are in a planktonic state and kept in a liquid medium at a similar acidity level to the lower gut. As a result they have the ability to start working immediately they enter the crop. This helps to maintain the crop in a condition that is not attractive to germs such as yeasts. We believe they survive the trip through the highly acidic upper gut much better than the bacteria in freeze dried products. So they work exceedingly quickly and effectively. Market research tells us that Potent Brew is the most popular probiotic in the cage bird market. Expect it to boost breeding and racing performance. For breeders you should use it every day from about one month prior to laying and right through to the end of the season. For racers two days prior to the race should be enough to give that extra edge in performance.

If you like probiotics you will love Potent Brew. If you are not sure about probiotics this product will probably change your mind!