Anti-mite preparation in bird keeping


There are three key challenges to lice and mite control:

1. Safely getting the parasites off the birds.
2. Killing the adult lice and mites.
3. Dealing with the young parasites that hatch from eggs.

The above approach not only deals with eradicating the existing parasites but also reduces the possibility of further infestations.
The good news is that The Birdcare Company can help!

Getting the mites off the birds safely...


We selected completely natural ingredients for our parasite repellent product, Blast Off Anti-Mite. These natural ingredients have been combined with a free-flowing powder to make dusting your birds extremely easy.

Unlike the talc used in most dusting powders, Blast Off Anti-Mite does not clog up in the pouring holes, nor will it irritate your bird. Blast Off Anti-Mite is totally safe for you and your birds. The product can be administered directly onto adult birds and chicks and can also be used in nesting boxes.

If you are used to talc based products you will find Blast Off Anti-Mite is far heavier and it falls off the bird very quickly. It is designed like that so that it does not remain on the bird’s skin for long. Don’t worry though - it works very fast on the lice and mites!

Blast Off Anti-Mite



Insect repellent dusting powder for use directly on birds. Natural active ingredients. Contains no talc.

Completely natural and safe for use onto young and older birds.

Preventing re-infestations safely and successfully...

It is of course obvious that getting parasites off of the birds is of no value if they simply get re-infested by more mites and lice from their cage, aviary or nest. For this reason we recommend Birdy Finect for killing the parasites in cages, aviaries, nest boxes and around the birdroom generally.

Birdy Finect contains safe, silicon dioxide ingredients which dehydrate the parasites by shredding away their protective armour but much more importantly, it breaks the life cycle with a totally safe, long-lasting effect.

Lice and mite eggs are not killed by traditional, safe insecticides. Although the adults are killed at the time, the eggs left behind will go on and hatch later. The offspring will eventually reach maturity and then breed themselves. Birdy Finect has a unique natural formula that works by not only killing the mites but also drying out the mite eggs to prevent further infestations.

Birdy Finect



Liquid mite treatment. Unique natural formula that works by not only killing the mites but also drying out the mite eggs to prevent further infestations.

Safe for use onto birds as well as the living environment. Can be used in conjunction with Blast Off AntiMite.