I just wanted to say a huge thank you...


 I just wanted to say a big thank you for your help regarding my pet cockatiel.  At 19 he has never had a days illness in his life before, but he started to get lethargic and was not eating properly and his faeces were definitely 'not right'.  After some fantastic verbal advice and a full weeks course of Guardian Angel and Potent Brew he is now the happy cheeky chappy he has always been.

 Jacquie Smart from Suffolk.

Just to say Thank you...


Just to say thank you for your help and to let you know that the Wheeze-Eeze has stopped my young hen ‘wheezing’.

I have used this in her water and added the Guardian Angel to her seed; she is now back to her previous health. I am also using Guardian Angel in my cockatiel’s seed as he has a feather problem, he is a pet and is not connected with my aviary and is now getting a full complement of feathers.

I am also impressed with your very prompt delivery of the items! I rang at approximately 2.30pm on the 1st and our items came with our postman at 11.30am on the 2nd, many thanks again.

Mrs M from Cardiff

Since using Acox I have not lost a chick with the dreaded "going light" problem...


My order, placed on the telephone yesterday afternoon with the Birdcare Co. arrived the next day at 10am.

Whilst singing the praises of your packing dept and the Post Office courier service, I should also mention the products.

I have been using Acox and Feast Natural now in my third breeding season with both. Since using Acox I have not lost a chick with the dreaded going light' problem, which has plagued me and many others, in my case since the early 1950's.

Three seasons ago I lost a nest of six baby canaries and their mother. This was a blow - I had never had six in a nest before and to lose the lot,plus mum, was particularly galling.

Kind regards,

Graham Wellstead

Guardian Angel has saved many of my birds...


I have been keeping canaries and foreign finches for the past 20 years. I started to buy Cage & Aviary Birds magazine and that is when I heard about The Birdcare Company. I have been talking to one of their bird advisors, Marcus, for a while now about how their products could help my birds. I started to use The Birdcare Company products 2 to 3 years ago. I periodically use Guardian Angel, Acox and Harkaverm and now routinely use Daily Essentials3 and Calcivet Powder. Guardian Angel has saved many of my birds and I have seen a lot of difference in my birds health since starting to use The Birdcare Company products.

Noel White from Northern Ireland

I have eggs everywhere, most of them full too!

As you know Malcolm I have always been a convert of yours and due to my circumstances recently I had to cut back a bit on the supplements in a cost cutting effort and after having a fantastic start to the breeding season (and super fit birds in the flight) it all stopped, hens didn't feed as strongly, cocks seemed lethargic, less full eggs etc! Started to use the products fully again a little over a month ago and I kid you not almost over night the fitness level changed! The birds were noisy and bouncing again. Feeding hens are giving chicks full crops and I have eggs everywhere, Most of them full too!

Ben Mason

I know no product like Guardian Angel that can bring back a bird, hen or duck from the brink of death...

I have a communal aviary of 80 mixed breed birds, cockatiels, finches, budgies, canaries etc. I also have ducks & hens in the garden. I know no product like Guardian Angel that can bring back a bird, hen or duck from the brink of death. It has happened so many times & I always have it in the cupboard 'in case'. It is brilliant.

Barbara Glassey Cole

The Senegal is now feeding really well and growing...


I have been hand rearing baby parrots for more than 20 years now. I recently had to hand rear a Senegal and cockatoo. I used my normal hand rearing food that I had used for years; unfortunately both birds got a Candida yeast infection. I tried everything to clear the birds’ crops, but sadly the cockatoo passed away.

Having persisted with the Senegal I found I could still not clear the crop so I phoned The Birdcare Company and spoke to Malcolm. I was quite surprised to learn that I could give Potent Brew neat directly into the beak. I had always given Potent Brew mixed with water and Spark during the first few days of the birds’ life, but never dreamt of giving it neat.

The Senegal which only weighed 25g was given 1ml of neat Potent Brew and the turnaround in its health was extremely quick. The Senegal is now feeding really well and growing well and now weighs about 120g.

Ann Hollingsworth, Bedfordshire.

So impressed am I with your product that, at 75 and a bit, I’m tempted to try it on myself!

I don’t know what was wrong with him but he was obviously quite ill – lying crouched on perch or cage floor, hardly moving about, not singing, eating little. I gave him heat treatment for some days and he improved marginally.  I then turned to Guardian Angel... with remarkable results: within a day-and-a-half he was up and about his cage, singing and eating well.  He’s belting it out as I write. And they say miracles only happened in Biblical times.  So impressed am I with your product that, at 75 and a bit, I’m tempted to try it on myself!

Alan, Middlesex