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Egg laying problems in pet birds

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Reading through the January edition of Parrots Magazine this week, I came to the Q&A page.  Paul, the writer, asked about pets laying eggs.  Alan Jones, retired Avian Vet, has given a detailed answer, which helps to put Paul's mind at rest.

The good thing about this is that we, as a company, have been saying what Alan Jones has written for several years now.  

Laying is a natural occurrence in hens, but what we do not like to see is a hen that is exhausted from laying, aggressive and at risk of either laying soft shelled eggs or becoming egg bound.
Reduce the protein levels, reduce the daylight hours, make sure that you give enough Calcivet and Daily Essentials3, and try not to make a fuss of the bird, as this encourages them to lay.

Click here to read our article on this subject.

A guide to common bird keeping problems

A guide to common bird keeping problems. Act now and reap the benefits come breeding time!If your birds are carrying infections it will seriously limit their ability to breed and chicks will be more likely to die. Act now!*Harkaverm, Harkanker Soluble, Coxoid and Ivermectin are sold under the small animal exemption scheme.

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Obesity and calcium mis-regulation

Malcolm Green recently did a presentation at Think Parrots Show in June 2018.  His topic was Health and Nutrition in Cage & Aviary Birds.  He then broke it down into 2 sections - Obesity and Calcium mis-regulation.  These 2 issues are the most common we see in cage & aviary birds.  We hope that this [...]

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Pro's and Con's of probiotics

Some people believe that certain species of birds do not have any beneficial bacteria in their gut (Sterile Bowel Theory).  Here is our Technical Director's comments on this.Let me start by saying that the notion that Australian finches (or any other birds for that matter) don’t have beneficial bacteria in the gut seems completely bizarre. There are [...]

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​Bird supplements - which is best? In water or on food?

Bird supplements - which is best? In water or on foodFor a supplement to work well for your birds once mixed into the drinking water, it is important that all the ingredients in it are water soluble so they dissolve and spread evenly throughout the liquid. If the ingredients are not water soluble, [...]

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Plan for your birds breeding season well in advance

As experienced breeders know, it is far too much to expect our birds to come into breeding condition just because we put them in a cage with a mate.Preparing for the breeding season involves either using nature's natural clues - which generally means breeding in the spring or, if we want to breed outside the [...]

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44th International Colour Canary Show - Leuven

The Birdcare Company products will be on sale at the 44th International Colour Canary Show in Leuven on 4th and 5th November 2017. Our Belgium retailer OST will be taking a good range of products to sell at the show. They will also have literature providing more information about our products.

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The secrets to improved show birds and quality feather condition revealed

Birds require certain nutrients to remain fit and healthy and a little boost of others to excel.  Nutrition plays a huge role in feather condition simply because the protein used to make feathers is very different in amino acid composition from the protein in the rest of the body. In fact 70% of the sulphur [...]

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Avian flu update: DEFRA tells owners to keep poultry indoors until spring

On the 5th of January, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) announced that the restrictions on keeping birds indoors, would be maintained in England until 28 February. Similar moves were made in Scotland and Wales and there is a Britain-wide ban on poultry shows and gatherings.Keepers, including people with just a few [...]

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It's Show Time

The secrets to more rosettes this show season revealed...It takes lots of patience and skill to get success on the show benches, we can't help you there!  We can however help in some other areas such as health and nutrition:Download our FREE Health And Nutrition Guide - CLICK HERE

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