Posted by The Birdcare Company on 10th Nov 2021

Bird flu prevention zone declared across UK

Defra has issued a statement urging poultry keepers and members of the general public to report dead wild birds to its helpline and warns people not to touch them.As of 5pm on Wednesday the 3rd of Nov …

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Posted by The Birdcare Company on 17th Nov 2020

Join our free online bird talk

Missing your bird club talk?Join our free online *Zoom talk with Malcolm GreenFollowed by a Q&A session!Register your interest - CLICK HERE"The breeding cycle"Malcolm Green, Technical Director a …

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Posted by Charlotte Doheny on 16th Dec 2019

Egg laying problems in pet birds

Reading through the January edition of Parrots Magazine this week, I came to the Q&A page.  Paul, the writer, asked about pets laying eggs.  Alan Jones, retired Avian Vet, has give …

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21st Nov 2018

A guide to common bird keeping problems

A guide to common bird keeping problems. Act now and reap the benefits come breeding time!If your birds are carrying infections it will seriously limit their ability to breed and chicks will b …

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Posted by Charlotte Doheny on 16th Jul 2018

Obesity and calcium mis-regulation

Malcolm Green recently did a presentation at Think Parrots Show in June 2018.  His topic was Health and Nutrition in Cage & Aviary Birds.  He then broke it down into 2 sections - Obesity and …

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Posted by Malcolm Green on 1st Feb 2018

Pro's and Con's of probiotics

Some people believe that certain species of birds do not have any beneficial bacteria in their gut (Sterile Bowel Theory).  Here is our Technical Director's comments on this.Let me start by sayin …

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