Probably the most advanced "sick bird product" for over a decade. Combines unique ingredients that assist the immune system to act quickly and effectively when the bird is invaded by any infections germs. Supported with probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins, yeast extracts and the renowned Birdcare Energy System.

Most sick birds tend to fluff their feathers and often sleep with their head turned over their shoulder. These symptoms can be caused by hundreds of different illnesses so it isn’t much help for diagnosis but it is usually the first sign of illness. Our usual recommendation is to separate the sick birds if possible and put them into a warm environment. The quicker that you give such birds Guardian Angel the better. This product will provide energy (fluffing feathers is an effort to maintain body warmth), help maintain the birds water balance, provide support for the digestive system and give the immune system a boost. In our opinion this approach is far more likely to work than giving broad spectrum antibiotics.

Key Features: Emergency sick bird support, suitable for all cage and aviary birds. Ideal for use after using antibiotics.