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Coccidiosis is a major problem which leads to many young chick deaths. Common in greenfinches, canaries, other British Finches and pigeons.  Acox is what you need...

A liquid treatment for coccidiosis (birds going light).

Added directly into birds drinking water.


Going light is generally caused by a protozoan parasite called Coccidia. Coccidia is common in adult birds and only rarely causes a problem with these. However the adults infect their babies when feeding and the poorly developed immune system of the babies is not able to block large numbers of them.

The Coccidia enter the bloodstream and completely change their form (they are often called atoxoplasma or many other names). These bugs get into the liver and spleen which they damage but, while there is enough functioning liver the birds grow perfectly normally. At around 8-12 weeks of age the liver damage reaches a critical point and the birds spend a lot of time eating but lose weight and die.

By the time symptoms show the liver damage is permanent. Feeding our Feast Eggfood reduces the workload on the liver and may save some birds however the liver will not repair so they will always be vulnerable.

The real trick with Coccidia is prevention. That means reducing the level of Coccidia in the adults (you won't eliminate them completely even with powerful drugs). You have three choices.

1. The top choice is to feed our Feast Eggfood as it contains anti-coccidial herbs as well as powerful immune support so keeps infestation levels down before and all through the breeding season.

2. If you can’t feed Feast you can add our Flourish supplement to other brands of soft food and that will add the same immune support and anti-coccidial herbs.

3. Generally we prefer the natural approach but if you have a genuine problem, we would also recommend Acox in addition to Feast or Flourish for this season and the next. DO NOT give Acox whilst chicks are in the nest.

Acox application:
Add to the drinking water at the rate of 6 mls per litre of water, and give for one week. In bad cases it may be given at half that rate for a second week. DO NOT GIVE WHEN CHICKS ARE IN THE NEST. Always read the label.
Active ingredients:
Amprolium Hydrochloride.


  • 5
    Good quality product

    Posted by john mcconnachie on 15th Mar 2024

    Use this once a year before breeding season or when a bird starts to look a little soft usually does the trick

  • 5
    Just the ticket

    Posted by Steve Tait on 20th Jun 2023

    Gave to my birds as instructed as some looked a little off colour and had lost one or two. Have been all good since and assured to know I have some for giving whenever I feel needed.

  • 4
    Seams to be good stuff

    Posted by David Ramsey on 8th Mar 2023

    Seams to prevent 90% of birds from going light.

  • 5

    Posted by Howard on 27th Feb 2023

    Noticed that canaries and redpolls were looking not great,so decided to give acox treatment,and was about 6 days and started to see improvement and more activity from the birds. Shall now keep this in the shed at all times.

  • 4

    Posted by Nigel Newboult on 23rd Dec 2022

    Using this as a preventative rather than a cure , seems to be working.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Martin Staff on 14th Jul 2022

    This does the job very good

  • 5

    Posted by Ray Turgoose on 1st Feb 2022

    A must have in your meds kit

  • 5
    Good product

    Posted by john mcconnachie on 23rd Dec 2021

    Had few of my birds looking bit off colour so decided to treat them with this product noticed a difference in them after a few days they looked brighter

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by john mcconnachie on 17th Aug 2021

    Never used this before had a few young Fife’s who weren’t looking that great followed instructions and saw results after a few days picked up and now right as rain