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Multi-strain pre and probiotic for birds with vitamins, minerals, yeast extracts and glucose polymers. Restores and refreshes beneficial gut bacteria and conditions the gut to make it more favourable for friendly bacteria. Used twice a week, it ensures a healthy gut flora and helps support the bird's resistance to gut infections.  BioPlus stimulates efficient gut function and improves the bird’s ability to absorb nutrition from the diet.

Key Features: Long shelf life, can be used all year round to maintain a healthy digestive system.

BioPlus application:
Add 5 grams (just over 1 level teaspoon) to 1 litre of drinking water. Do not use in the same drinking water as Aviclens.
application continued:
Add to food (Feast, fruit or veggies) for small collections give 1 pinch for 3 pairs of finches/canaries, 1 pinch per 2 pairs of budgies, 1 pinch per pair of cockatiels/rosellas, 1 pinch for one Amazon/grey, 3 pinches per macaw.
More application rates:
Or for large collections give 1 level teaspoons for 100 finches/canaries, 50 budgerigars, 30 cockatiels/rosellas, 7 Amazon/grey, 3 macaws.
Active ingredients:
Vitamins include A 800,000ius, D3 100,000ius, E 2,000mg, B1, B2, B6, B12 K, Biotin, Choline, Folic acid, Niacin and Pantothenic acid.
Active ingredients continued:
Minerals include Cobalt, Copper, Iodine, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Selenium, Sodium, Sulphur and Zinc.


  • 5
    Excellent Additive to Food

    Posted by Jane on 20th Nov 2023

    Sprinkle on fresh food for beneficial nutrients.

  • 5

    Posted by Rand Newman on 6th Nov 2023

    Raptors seem to be generally livelier and take food more readily with no pickiness from using BioPlus.. Especially ''fat''untrained birds. With Birds of Prey that are trained through processes of regular handling (manning) = eventually tolerate and trust anything presented to them that would normally frighten them . Combined with necessary weight control through monitoring dietamount/type to create t Produces a seemingly more visible livelier and active response. Hawks seem more contented in their everyday individual activity

  • 5

    Posted by Anna on 12th May 2023

    This product is brilliant to use on chickens who have been on antibiotics. It puts the good bacteria back in the crop & and helps prevent sour crop. I've always got a pot in the cupboard.

  • 4
    bio plus

    Posted by peter mcwilliam on 9th Feb 2023

    keeps the birds in good digestive order and gives them the boost they need

  • 5
    A happy customer

    Posted by Janet on 25th May 2022

    Good to read recommendations from customers about this Product AND thank you to The Birdcare Company staff for their advice on dosage to help my pet budgie who was on Baytril for a week, then I discovered Guardian Angel and followed up with Daily Essential 1 and once weekly with this product Bioplus. One happy customer and one healthy budgie. Thank you

  • 5

    Posted by Carol on 15th Apr 2022

    Love this product for my bird, keeps him in good condition never any problems. Would recommend.

  • 5
    bio pluss and flourish

    Posted by Neil kingsman on 18th Dec 2021

    Brilliaint product with great service.

  • 5

    Posted by Tony Peters on 5th Oct 2021

    I read about your breeding system and products needed for my budgies so I have ordered the full range I will be starting the breeding program using these products on Monday 11th October

  • 4
    Bio plus

    Posted by John purvis on 23rd Jul 2021

    Good product birds seem to like it