Posted by The Birdcare Company on 13th Oct 2020

Pigeon keeper gets great results using our products...

"Just to let you know I purchased two products from you a few months ago, they were BioPlus and TRIUMPH! I am very pleased with these products, I won the young bird average in my local pigeon club using the above supplements. I could see the difference in the birds condition, they look and fly a lot better now they are on these products.

Needless to say I will be purchasing from you again in the near future.

Thank you from a very satisfied customer."

David Carey

Better nutrition improves pigeon racing performance...

Triumph! is the key pigeon racing supplement of The Birdcare Company product range. This product is designed to improve both racing performance and recovery so it is given to birds for 2-3 days prior to racing, immediately on their return and for 1-2 days afterwards.

This revolutionary product prepares the birds for the stress of the race and helps to boost their energy reserves and stamina. Other ingredients help reduce the impact of water loss during flight. Extra digestive system support is provided by including probiotics which work to maximise the gut function.

A combination of the stress of racing and the exposure to many other birds (some of which will be carrying diseases) can make race recovery very difficult. Triumph! contains The Birdcare Company's unique 'white cell support system'. This is a combination of ingredients specially selected to enable the body to mount an efficient attack on invading germs using the immune system's 'Rapid Reaction Force'. This revolutionary approach has proved its worth in many sick and stressed bird situations since its launch in 2000. TRIUMPH! can be added to the moistened corn, softfood or added into drinking water.