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Missing your bird club talk?
Join our free online *Zoom talk with Malcolm Green
Followed by a Q&A session!
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"The breeding cycle"

Malcolm Green, Technical Director at The Birdcare Company, will be running a FREE online bird talk based around "the breeding cycle". The talk will provide bird keepers with Malcolm's vast experience & technical knowledge on the importance of nutrition and how this can lead to huge improvements in bird health and breeding results.
Register your interest - CLICK HERE

If you are missing out on your bird club talks and are looking to dramatically improve your birds breeding results this season, act now and sign up for the FREE online event by CLICKING HERE .

The talk will be followed by a questions & answers session where bird keepers are invited to ask Malcolm their bird related queries and benefit from his years of experience in the bird keeping industry. The date for the online talk will be at 3pm on Wednesday the 25th of November. There will be limited spaces available at the event and participants will be on a first come first served basis.

Don't hesitate, register your interest for this FREE online event now and join us for an informative & friendly bird talk!
Register your interest - CLICK HERE

*Please note that Zoom online meetings require a suitable device with audio and a stable internet connection. For full details on how to use Zoom effectively, please CLICK HERE*

Plan for your birds breeding season well in advance

As experienced breeders know, it is far too much to expect our birds to come into breeding condition just because we put them in a cage with a mate.Preparing for the breeding season involves either using nature's natural clues - which generally means breeding in the spring or, if we want to breed outside the [...]

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The importance of bathing water for birds

Zebra finches have been used in research for as long as I can remember. This research project by Krause and Ruploh of Bielefeld University in Germany shows how important it is for many birds to have bathing water available even for a bird that has evolved to cope with droughts.They measured the levels of the [...]

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