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Flourish is a blend of natural herbal ingredients that help to support the bird's immune system, attack disease causing organisms and create a good environment in the gut for beneficial bacteria.

The immune system is nature's natural defence against infection and allergies. It is very successful at identifying invaders into the body, typically viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeasts, coccidia and allergens but other undesirable invaders as well, and having identified their presence, it marshals the body's resources to attack them. White blood cells play an important role in this, effectively 'gobbling up' the invaders to render them inactive and in the process reducing the number of germs in the body.

Interestingly and importantly, the immune system has no need to diagnose in the same way as a doctor or veterinarian might. This means it does not have to carry out tests while the patient waits for the results and becomes more ill. It simply recognises there is an invader and deals with it. This is in contrast to a veterinarian who in the case of bacteria needs to know what the particular bacteria is, and possibly the strain as well, in order to prescribe the appropriate antibiotic. It is also means the immune system is very effective at dealing with viruses, whereas viruses cannot be readily dealt with by doctors and veterinarians unless there is a licensed vaccination available.

The immune system can become somewhat worn down and tired if it is overworked or effectively undernourished. It thrives on the availability of certain nutrients and works best when it is challenged on a fairly routine basis. So keep your bird's immune system ready to pounce.

Flourish can be bought separately, but is also included as one of the ingredients in our Feast eggfoods.

Key Features: Flourish can be used to support the bird's natural defences during good times and during times of illness. For any species of bird prone to coccidial infection (frequently known as 'going light'), Flourish is very important to you.

Flourish application:
Add Flourish to eggfood fruits greenfoods etc. One level teaspoon of Flourish is adequate for 60 pairs of finches/canaries, 40 pairs of budgerigars, 24 pairs of cockatiels, 20 pairs of rosellas, 12 pairs of amazons/greys or 8 pairs of large macaws.
Active ingredients:
Flourish herbal blend, Vitamin C 1800mg per kg, Trace minerals included: Selenium, Cobalt, Manganese, Copper, Magnesium, Zinc, Sulphur, Sodium and Iodine.


  • 3

    Posted by Anthony Case on 26th Mar 2024

    Been using this product for about 5 year to safeguard against going light with no problem. Unfortunately you didn't have the larger size pack so had to buy the smaller size so will have to buy another one later on adding more cost to myself. The product itself is very good though.

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    Stress recovering

    Posted by Patricia Marchand on 16th Nov 2020

    Have 2 african greys who live in my extension around which 4 weeks of digging, repairing, tiling had to be and both girls looked very tired and not eating so I decided to give them a bit of flourish with additional fresh papaya and took 2 weeks for them to be back to their own self ways.

  • 5
    At Last

    Posted by Howard and Chris. on 5th Aug 2020

    Using 'Flourish' along with Harker's Coxoid, of which we had a little left, has stopped the steady charge over the cliff of life, that all our young yellow canaries were charging towards, many having succumbed. . Whilst we still lost a few birds (almost always birds with yellow plumage, both of Hosos and Razas), most of the surviving young were saved, for which we thank The Birdcare company, most heartily --- Thank you so very, very much.

  • 4

    Posted by Cengiz Mehmet on 8th Jul 2020

    Real handy mineral staff vitamin C right handy thing have bit drinking the herbal vitamin C used correctly would benfit most an sneaky cobelt as real sneaky mineral Was well cool use right do well on it

  • 5
    Going light.

    Posted by Anthony Case on 3rd Jul 2018

    I bought this product on the recommendation from the Birdcare Company. I started adding it to the soft food on the run up to the breeding season and continued feeding through the breeding and now into the moult, up to this point 3rd July I have not suffered any losses from going light something I have not experienced in the last five years. So hopefully looking good.

  • 5
    A first class product

    Posted by budgieman on 28th Dec 2016

    As a budgie breeder I sometimes get birds that not quite themselves and I find this product very helpful to get them back the best of health. Would not be without it