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Keep your drinking water free from multiplying bugs!

Aviclens is a powerful water sanitizer for animals, it keeps drinking water sparkling clean and hygienic.

Are you getting:
Green slime in drinkers?
Red algae in baths?
This is not good for your animals and it takes longer to clean!

Aviclens is designed to solve the problem!  Very economical (1 ml per 2 litres or 1 drop per 50ml drinker), Aviclens is a powerful but safe water sanitizer, to keep drinking and bathing water hygienic and healthy, whatever your animals may drop in it!

Aviclens works by retarding the growth of yeasts, fungi and bacteria safely.

Key Features: Will retard the growth of yeasts, fungi & bacteria. Incredibly economical. Safe to use every day for all birds.  Safe to use every day. Do not use in the same water as Potent Brew, Guardian Angel or BioPlus.

DrS Aviclens application:
Add 5mls (one teaspoon) of Aviclens to 10 litres (~2 gallons) of drinking water. Alternatively add 1/3 ml per pint or 1/2 ml per litre.
Active ingredients:
Chlorhexidine gluconate.