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On food calcium supplement for healthy teeth and bones in small animals.  Calcium, magnesium and vitamin D3 for addition to soft foods or fresh foods.

On food options ensure complete control over your pet's nutrition because you know how much they have eaten but it is a little tricky to tell how much water they have drunk. Therefore, we have developed Calcivet ON FOOD Powder for those that prefer to "feed" supplements.

As you can imagine, a huge amount of calcium goes into teeth and bone growth/production and sometimes our little furry pet's reserves can get rather low (especially in breeding pets). Calcivet ON FOOD Powder is calcium supplement like no other and is ideal for healthy teeth and bones in small animals. It's highly bio-available calcium means that Calcivet ON FOOD Powder gets absorbed quickly and efficiently.

Quality chelated calcium!  No more problems with...

  • laying/giving birth
  • weakness in the females that cannot lay or give birth
  • broken bones in the young
  • slow moults
  • nervousness
  • aggression
  • co-ordination problems which may go as far as falling over
  • respiratory problem

It is such an effective calcium source that most of the year you will only need it once or twice a week.

  • Calcivet Powder brings amazing results
  • Calcivet Powder is highly concentrated and works when some other supplements don't.
  • Use as directed for best results
  • Cuttle fish and grit won't solve the problems!
  • Calcivet Powder gives high value for money with more calcium for your pound.

Key features: Ideal for breeding and growing animals. Calcium is involved in brain and nerve function and can improve behavioural problems.

DrS Calcivet ON FOOD Powder application:
Sprinkle over slightly moistened foods. Use once or twice a week for nonbreeding animals and up to 5 days a week for breeders. Use less frequently if animals are getting very hard drinking water.
DrS Calcivet ON FOOD Powder application continued:
Give 1 pinch per mouse or pair of mice, 2 pinches per hamster, 6 pinches per rat, 1 gram per 2lb of rabbit (6 pinches per kg). For larger collections give one level teaspoon per 10 kgs of bodyweight. Remember not to feed more than 5 days a week.
Active ingredients:
Per kilo - Calcium (66g/kg Ca++) as chelate, Magnesium13 g/kg as chelate, Vitamin D3 7,000ius/kg.