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Powerful liquid probiotic supplement for animals to support digestive function, increase breeding vigour, baby survival, and growth.

The digestive system of animals is very easily upset. Any slight stress causes a reduction in the blood supply to the gut. The biochemical conditions then change reducing the effectiveness of the gut and increasing the risk of infection by harmful bacteria. Keeping the gut topped up with beneficial digestive bacteria keeps the bad bugs under control and ensures that as much of the food as possible is actually absorbed into the bloodstream. This is the job of a probiotic.

Many animal keepers and vets have now demonstrated to themselves the superiority of Potent Brew over the traditional, freeze dried probiotics. Potent Brew works so well because it contains bacteria that act immediately once they get into the gut (they don’t have to rehydrate themselves like dried probiotics do) and it also contains enzyme components for active food digestion. However only buy Potent Brew in small quantities, as it is a live product with a short shelf life (4-6 months) and ideally it should be stored in the fridge.

Potent Brew stimulates efficient gut function and improves the animal’s ability to absorb nutrition, therefore it contributes to bringing adults into breeding condition. When the young are born they have no bacteria in the gut. They rely on their parents to supply them with their food. Potent Brew in the food starts the baby's digestive system off very quickly ensuring rapid early growth and excellent resistance to otherwise dangerous digestive issues.

DrS Potent Brew application:
On food: 1 ml per kg bodyweight. In water: 5mls per litre of water.
Active ingredients:
Selected beneficial bacteria, added vitamins and extracts of germinated grains. Potent Brew is rich in amino acids and enzymes. Vitamins A, D3, E, C.