Poultry CalciBoost - Powdered calcium for poultry

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Please note that Poultry CalciBoost will improve hen health but after laying a dozen eggs many go broody. If you want the best health outcome this product is great. If you want to maximise egg production do not use it.

Poultry CalciBoost is a highly bio-available Chelated calcium supplement for backyard poultry. It comes in a powdered format which is easily sprinkled over moist food, such as layers pellets or kitchen scraps, to which it will then stick. Use it four to six days a week when your hens are laying. During the off season give it once a week to keep their bone supplies topped up ready for their next period of laying.


Poultry CalciBoost application:
Add 1 gram of Poultry CalciBoost to the food for every 4 kgs of bird bodyweight. One level teaspoon weighs 2.4 grams and so is enough for 10 kilograms of birds. Give Poultry CalciBoost five times a week for laying hens & once a week when not laying.
Active ingredients:
Calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and vitamin D3 (8,800 ius per kg).


  • 5
    Poultry Calci Boost

    Posted by R on 15th Mar 2023

    Great product. Duck eggs have lovely strong shell. No more soft eggs!

  • 5
    Super healthy eggs

    Posted by Fran on 21st Apr 2020

    I had noticed I was getting thin shelled eggs so gave poultry Calciboost a try. It's far easier to use than liquid calcium and very quickly the eggs transformed into beautifully hard shelled eggs and I have happier, healthier hens too. Very impressed!