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A guide to common bird keeping problems


A guide to common bird keeping problems.

 Act now and reap the benefits come breeding time!

If your birds are carrying infections it will seriously limit their ability to breed and chicks will be more likely to die. Act now!

*Harkaverm, Harkanker Soluble, Coxoid and Ivermectin are sold under the small animal exemption scheme.

Obesity and calcium mis-regulation

Malcolm Green recently did a presentation at Think Parrots Show in June 2018.  His topic was Health and Nutrition in Cage & Aviary Birds.  He then broke it down into 2 sections - Obesity and Calcium mis-regulation.  These 2 issues are the most common we see in cage & aviary birds.  We hope that this [...]

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Pro's and Con's of probiotics

Some people believe that certain species of birds do not have any beneficial bacteria in their gut (Sterile Bowel Theory).  Here is our Technical Director's comments on this.Let me start by saying that the notion that Australian finches (or any other birds for that matter) don’t have beneficial bacteria in the gut seems completely bizarre. There are [...]

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