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Used by bird keepers around the World this system of softfood and supplements puts you in complete control of your birds diet. It gives you an unrivaled ability to increase the nutritional value of the diet to mimic the changes experienced in wild bird diets. These are the changes that tell birds that breeding can be successful. The system comprises:

  • The only soft foods with herbal health built in
  • A very broad spectrum vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement (options to choose from based on the size of your flock)
  • The very best Chelated Calcium Supplement in the world (now available in liquid and powdered versions)
  • The best, high protein and fertility supplement 
  • The only liquid probiotic to kick your adults into breeding condition and give your babies the very best start in life.

This system generates more eggs, better fertility, improve hatchability, and healthier, faster growing chicks.

If you need help deciding which products to choose and how to use them see our supplements plan page today.